Being a former owner of three old diesel Mercedes, I spent a lot of time wrenching and tinkering on my cars.  Mercedes used to use real wood trim inside their cars.  They used zebra wood for all the dash wood, they call it zebrano though.  Being a wood worker I decided to make a wood key head.  I used zebra wood so it would match the trim in the car.  I posted my original key on my favorite Mercedes forum and ended up having a ton of people asking me to make them one or two.  I ended up make 25 or 30 keys for my fellow Mercedes owners.


This is a Swiss Army knife that was given to me with the suggestion that I make wood replacements for it’s missing scales, the plastic red pieces on the sides.  I decided to make some out of zebra wood.  It even has the toothpick and tweezers that slid inside the scale.