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Working on a Stop Motion Video

I’ve been working on a stop motion animated video of the mancala game set that I made recently.  Stop motion is a lot of work…two hours and 500 photos later I’ve got all the photos taken.  All that’s left is video and sound editing.

I was in the dark in my garage just these two lights on the board snapping a pic and moving things a tiny bit then taking another pic.


Here is a shot of the game pieces moving their way from off screen onto the board.

Hovering sneak peek




Etsy Shop update

Padauk Curl

Padauk Curl

I just added more padauk curl bud vases to my Etsy shop.  Check em out here – Padauk Curl Bud Vase


Work Bench

I’m going to try to start a more steady and structured peek into what’s happening on my work bench. Maybe try to do a weekly post about whats happening in and around my shop.

-Off The Bench-
Oil_box_07I’ve recently finished a box for holding DoTerra Oils. This was a fun project. It had some pretty similar design elements to other boxes I’ve made, but I tried to change it up a bit to give it a different look. It turned out really well. You can find more info about it here — DoTerra Oil Box. I plan on expanding this idea and offering boxes in a couple different price ranges, but all with customizable racks and tray.

-On The Bench-
This week I’ve been tinkering with some LED lights I bought last winter. I’ve been wanting to make a lighted sign. But with this one I was mostly just seeing how the idea would work. I made a quick wood frame with some walnut, and then used a router to cut letters into a piece of acrylic. Then I attached the LED lights to the edge of the acrylic. This make the letters glow. I backed the acrylic with a nice piece of maple. Stay tuned for a photo/video. This is when it would be great to have a CNC machine, maybe one day. I eventually want to make a double layered sign of my logo, using red lights to light up the curl, and white lights to light the letters.

-In the Ether-
What’s coming down the line? I have a garden bench commission project that it due in September. Seems like a long time off, but it will be here before I know it. I will be building a 6 foot long cedar garden bench for a local elementary school garden. Only two design elements are decided on at this point. I will be adding a plaque to the back of the bench as a memorial. It will be a carved wood sign, that I will install on the bench. The plaque itself will be made by someone else. The second element is geckos. Geckos are the school mascot and I will be inlaying a few in various places on the bench. Should be a fun project, but I need to get to designing something soon.

Flower Bud Vase

Playing around with some flower bud vase ideas. This is the first one, made with padauk scrap.  More to come.


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First Blog Post

Hi Everyone,
My name is Andrew Lindgren.  I am a hobby woodwork amongst other things.  I started this site to have place to display the work I’ve done, what I’m currently working on, and offer some of my work for sale.  Keep watching for photos, videos, and a store in the future.  I encourage your feedback, comments, and suggestions.  This site is definitely a work in progress so keep coming back.