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Essential Oil Box Video

New video up on YouTube displaying my latest essential oil box.

Gecko Inlay Video

Here is a quick time-lapse video of me cutting out and installing one of the gecko inlays in the Garden Bench build.

DoTerra Oil Box

My website and social media pages have been pretty quiet lately. Mostly because what I was working on was a gift and I couldn’t post photos as I was going. But now I can reveal my most recent project. I was asked to make a custom box to hold DoTerra essential oils. Here is what I came up with. This is a cherry wood box with bubinga wood accents. There is the link to the page about the box. – DoTerra Oil Box

The boards are on Etsy

All the Mancala boards are up on my Etsy Shop now. Visit my store –


Find me on Twitter and Pinterest now too

You can now follow me on Twitter here – Shavings & Dust on Twitter

And on Pinterest as well – Shavings & Dust on Pinterest

First YouTube video is up

I just posted the first video to my YouTube channel.  It’s a time-lapse video of me working in the shop.

Now you can find me on Facebook

Check me out on Facebook too!