Category: Shop Time

Dialing in CNC inlay.

The CNC opens so many doors for cool woodworking stuff.  I’ve been dialing in the inlay process.  Attempt #1 was pretty bad.  A little tinkering with the computing end of things and the second attempt is much tighter.  Looking forward to trying more stuff.


3D contours on the CNC.

Working on 3D contour designs in the CNC today. Custom designs in the works.


LED lit acrylic sign

Cut the first acrylic sign came off the CNC machine today.


I’ve recently become interested in hand carved spoons, so I thought I’d have a go at it. It seems like and extremely good use for all those random little scraps that accumulate in the shop. Here are the first few tries, two completed spoons and one roughed out.  A long handled coffee scoop from cedar, a walnut spatula/spoon and walnut roughed out spoon.


Stop motion video

I made a stop motion video today. It was my first shot at making a video this way.  I think it’s way more fun making a video this way than a standard video. Need to work on some more sound effects and a better camera angle and lighting. But not bad for the first go round.

Chinese Tree of Heaven

Started milling up a piece of wood a friend gave me a few years ago. It’s called the Chinese Tree of Heaven. The small branch I cut up before was a yellow color inside, but this larger piece has some very cool spalting in it.  Spalting is actually fungus inside the tree. Can’t wait to get it milled down more and see what I can make out if it. I have another larger piece I have to figure out how to mill as well.


First YouTube video is up

I just posted the first video to my YouTube channel.  It’s a time-lapse video of me working in the shop.