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Two new mancala boards

The two latest manaca boards left the shop today.  Both made with locally grown and harvested walnut wood.  One is book matched with live edges, the other has a custom resin filled engraving.

img_1449 img_1452 img_1453 img_1466

Latest Mancala Board



My latest mancala board project is finally done. This one is way over due. Walnut and maple. complete with a velvet lines box and magnets to hold the board in the box.
image image image

New YouTube video

A quick video on how I make my mancala boards. Have a look.

The boards are on Etsy

All the Mancala boards are up on my Etsy Shop now. Visit my store –


Photo shoot…now be a tiger…wood

Photographing all the boards today, but probably won’t have time to go through all the photos and upload them to Etsy until later this week.



Seamstress for a day.

Tough guy woodworker spent the day sewing drawstring bags for the mancala boards. I could find any that would fit, so I made my own. Nine boards are complete. Just need to shoot photos of each one.


Adding logos

Putting logos on the backs of the mancala boards. Starting to put finish on them. Hopefully I’ll be done with these soon.


Holy cups Batman!

Thats 140 cups cut with the router.  Still need to round over the edges and do a whole lot of sanding.  Getting closer to gettin them all done.  You can see the difference in the color that time had on the padauk wood.   The one in the upper right has been sitting for about a week the other was freshly planed the other day.


That’s a whole lot of cups

Despite my 4am toddler alarm clock I forwent a nap this afternoon for some shop time. Got the cups and stores routed out of two more boards.  Sanding all these is going to be a real pain. Especially after I get the other 5 more made. Good thing I love sanding…wait did I say love?


36 cups done, 84 to go.

Making some head way, slowly. Three boards ready for sanding, 7 more to go.


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