Who is Shavings & Dust Woodworks?
It’s just me, Andrew Lindgren.  For the last 12 years I have been a Botanist and Research Biologist, who studies vegetation ecology in the deserts throughout the western US.  In the past few years I have rediscovered my passion for woodworking and building.

What does Shavings & Dust do?
Custom woodwork and wood art.  From simple and functional projects to elaborate and decorative ones.  I love the process of designing and building things.

What is the history Shavings & Dust?
The business itself doesn’t have much history.  I started the business in January 2014, but my history with building and making started when I was a kid.  It’s the classic story of a kid learning from Dad in his basement workshop.  I loved tinkering, taking things apart, and building things.  High school wood shop classes really started my interest in woodworking.  Twenty years later I’ve rediscovered my love for creating things with wood.

What does the future hold?
Well I can’t tell the future, but I hope to make Shavings & Dust my primary job in the next few years.  It is currently a side job that I fit in when I can.  I hope to expand the stock of products I have and keep available, as well as picking up more custom work.  I also hope to grow the shop and begin building larger projects.