Month: June 2015

Work Bench

I’m going to try to start a more steady and structured peek into what’s happening on my work bench. Maybe try to do a weekly post about whats happening in and around my shop.

-Off The Bench-
Oil_box_07I’ve recently finished a box for holding DoTerra Oils. This was a fun project. It had some pretty similar design elements to other boxes I’ve made, but I tried to change it up a bit to give it a different look. It turned out really well. You can find more info about it here — DoTerra Oil Box. I plan on expanding this idea and offering boxes in a couple different price ranges, but all with customizable racks and tray.

-On The Bench-
This week I’ve been tinkering with some LED lights I bought last winter. I’ve been wanting to make a lighted sign. But with this one I was mostly just seeing how the idea would work. I made a quick wood frame with some walnut, and then used a router to cut letters into a piece of acrylic. Then I attached the LED lights to the edge of the acrylic. This make the letters glow. I backed the acrylic with a nice piece of maple. Stay tuned for a photo/video. This is when it would be great to have a CNC machine, maybe one day. I eventually want to make a double layered sign of my logo, using red lights to light up the curl, and white lights to light the letters.

-In the Ether-
What’s coming down the line? I have a garden bench commission project that it due in September. Seems like a long time off, but it will be here before I know it. I will be building a 6 foot long cedar garden bench for a local elementary school garden. Only two design elements are decided on at this point. I will be adding a plaque to the back of the bench as a memorial. It will be a carved wood sign, that I will install on the bench. The plaque itself will be made by someone else. The second element is geckos. Geckos are the school mascot and I will be inlaying a few in various places on the bench. Should be a fun project, but I need to get to designing something soon.

DoTerra Oil Box

My website and social media pages have been pretty quiet lately. Mostly because what I was working on was a gift and I couldn’t post photos as I was going. But now I can reveal my most recent project. I was asked to make a custom box to hold DoTerra essential oils. Here is what I came up with. This is a cherry wood box with bubinga wood accents. There is the link to the page about the box. – DoTerra Oil Box