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That’s a whole lot of cups

Despite my 4am toddler alarm clock I forwent a nap this afternoon for some shop time. Got the cups and stores routed out of two more boards.  Sanding all these is going to be a real pain. Especially after I get the other 5 more made. Good thing I love sanding…wait did I say love?


36 cups done, 84 to go.

Making some head way, slowly. Three boards ready for sanding, 7 more to go.


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Orange cream soda anyone?

I cut out all the cups and stores in the padauk/maple board today.  The chips made me think of orange cream soda.
Only nine more to go.


Gluing them back together

Last week I cut 5 boards in half to inlay the maple inner core. I routed out pocket for the maple, glued it back into all five boards. Now I’m in the process of gluing them all back together. A lot of work to make it look like it didn’t do anything. But once I route out the cups and stores there will be a light colored ring round each one that you won’t be able to see on the outer edge of the board. I need more clamps though. I only have enough to glue one board back together at a time. So it’s going to take a few days to get these all glued back up.

Chinese Tree of Heaven

Started milling up a piece of wood a friend gave me a few years ago. It’s called the Chinese Tree of Heaven. The small branch I cut up before was a yellow color inside, but this larger piece has some very cool spalting in it.  Spalting is actually fungus inside the tree. Can’t wait to get it milled down more and see what I can make out if it. I have another larger piece I have to figure out how to mill as well.


First YouTube video is up

I just posted the first video to my YouTube channel.  It’s a time-lapse video of me working in the shop.

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I still can’t believe the color of the Padauk chips

I routed 5 of the mancala boards today for the hidden inlayed later that makes the rings inside the cups.  Made and used jig #2 for these boards, it went well.  I saved the padauk board for last.  Orange chips went everywhere.  I still can’t believe the color of this wood.



Planed down some of the paduak.  Never though I’d have a pile of chips that color


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