Month: December 2014

Stripes and cups

Planed and cut to size.  Both stores cut out and two of twelve cups cut. I really like the contrast of the jatoba and maple.  I think this one is going to look really nice when it’s done.


Latest glue-up

Getting ready to glue up the latest Mancala board.  Jatoba with big-leaf maple racing stripes.  If I measured correctly the maple should run down the centers of the cups.  This board will also see the inaugural run of the jig I made for cutting the cups and the stores in the ends.  Got this glued up this afternoon, and we’ll see when I get some time to work on it again.  I plan on making several of these boards at once in the near future so look out for that.  I will probably make a few of several design types.


First Blog Post

Hi Everyone,
My name is Andrew Lindgren.  I am a hobby woodwork amongst other things.  I started this site to have place to display the work I’ve done, what I’m currently working on, and offer some of my work for sale.  Keep watching for photos, videos, and a store in the future.  I encourage your feedback, comments, and suggestions.  This site is definitely a work in progress so keep coming back.