Dialing in CNC inlay.

The CNC opens so many doors for cool woodworking stuff.  I’ve been dialing in the inlay process.  Attempt #1 was pretty bad.  A little tinkering with the computing end of things and the second attempt is much tighter.  Looking forward to trying more stuff.


3D contours on the CNC.

Working on 3D contour designs in the CNC today. Custom designs in the works.


LED lit acrylic sign

Cut the first acrylic sign came off the CNC machine today.

Two new mancala boards

The two latest manaca boards left the shop today.  Both made with locally grown and harvested walnut wood.  One is book matched with live edges, the other has a custom resin filled engraving.

img_1449 img_1452 img_1453 img_1466


I’ve recently become interested in hand carved spoons, so I thought I’d have a go at it. It seems like and extremely good use for all those random little scraps that accumulate in the shop. Here are the first few tries, two completed spoons and one roughed out.  A long handled coffee scoop from cedar, a walnut spatula/spoon and walnut roughed out spoon.


Working on a Stop Motion Video

I’ve been working on a stop motion animated video of the mancala game set that I made recently.  Stop motion is a lot of work…two hours and 500 photos later I’ve got all the photos taken.  All that’s left is video and sound editing.

I was in the dark in my garage just these two lights on the board snapping a pic and moving things a tiny bit then taking another pic.


Here is a shot of the game pieces moving their way from off screen onto the board.

Hovering sneak peek




Latest Mancala Board



My latest mancala board project is finally done. This one is way over due. Walnut and maple. complete with a velvet lines box and magnets to hold the board in the box.
image image image

New YouTube video

A quick video on how I make my mancala boards. Have a look.

Walnut Essential Oil Box

My latest essential oil box left the shop yesterday.  It was a really fun project and the new owner has it packed full already and left with big smile.  This box is primarily made of walnut wood.  I started with a large walnut slab that had very white colored sap wood and nice dark heart wood to give some good color contrast to finished box.  The top of the box is book-matched for a mirror image appearance, and of course has three daisy inlays.  The petals are maple and the centers are lacewood.  For the drawer front I decided to turn two live edge boards towards each other to create some visual interest on the front of the box, and to bring some natural curve and shape.  Inside the box the lifting upper rack holds 32 bottles, and the lower, removable rack hold 40 bottles.  The drawer has 5 removable dividers to allow for customizable sized  bins.  Visit this link ( Essential Oil Boxes ) if you’d like to see some of the other styles of oil boxes I’ve made

Essential Oil Box Video

New video up on YouTube displaying my latest essential oil box.

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